HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT THE HEALTHY WAY !It is somewhat easy to gain weight and wreck your health at the same time. If you are a hardgainer but also health conscious, you know how difficult it can be to gain that 10-20 pounds you desperately want. This guide and recipes are for you, the health conscious individual who want to add some "meat on their bones". Making you thicker if you are a guy and more shapely if you are a girl. What we will be sharing with you on this site is not about building muscles, most of us just don’t have the time and energy to spend hours upon hours at the gym. Our guide and recipes are all about helping you gain the weight you desire and make you feel better about yourself! That said, if you want to gain some muscles and you are on the skinny side, you will also greatly benefit from adding some good healthy calories to your diet! READ ON!

You probably have a faster metabolism than most but that usually doesn’t explain it all. Some other reasons could be:

Below we examine the ingredients of 2 major brands. What you find is a powerful cocktail of all sorts of health destroying ingredient such GMOs, toxic artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and hazardous additives! And you are supposed to drink four scoops of that, A DAY! Most of those ingredients should be AVOIDED AT ALL COST! We listed below the ingredients that are the most problematic.

Maltodextrin – Almost always made from genetically modified corn. Dextrose – Most often derived from corn, so probably GMO Polymerized Waxy Maize – Most often derived from corn, so probably GMO Mono- and di-glycerides – Breakdown products of fats that come mainly from soya beans so probably GMO. Can also contain Trans fat that… Read more…